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12 December 2009 @ 10:08 pm
{DANCE ME HOME - A Jim/Pam Fanmix}
{10 songs, indie/electronic}
{Rated R, mp3 & m4a}




001. RÓISÍN MURPHY - You Know Me Better

I think we waited
Long enough, baby
You know me
Only too well

I just thought someway I have to match you
So don't be defensive
No, no, don't try to pretend to
Look surprised
You know me better than I know myself
You know me the best
You know me better than I know myself
You know what to expect

002. MEMORY TAPES - Graphics

I'll be your lover
I'll be your friend
I'll be a part of the illusion
That let you on
And took you away
But I'm forgetting all
The lies
All that you want
Is to scream at the world
It's not the same thing
But I can't wait anymore

I don't even recognize
The sound of your voice
Feel of your touch
You can be alone
Even though I'm here by your side

003. THE DODOS - Undeclared

You come to me out of a dream
And you run around like you just can't be
'Cause your mind is filled with fantasies
And it makes me laugh and it comforts me
But my love stays undeclared
Yeah, my love stays undeclared
Yeah, my love stays undeclared
Yeah, my love stays undeclared

004. ATLAS SOUND - Criminals

This criminal
Walked into my room
He asked me
Why do you live this way?
Think of all you could have,
What I would take

Well, have you got a clue?
Why do you live this way?
Why do you?
Think of all I'd take

You think that I don't know
you think that I don't know
You're wrong
You're wrong

005. PHOENIX - Lasso

Forever is a long long time
When you've lost your way
Trying to follow your ideal
Oh sorry but your so called life
It is such a waste

Wear your real eyes
No you don't realize
What you say yes to
But you say yes too


They say that the winter clears the drains
That time heals all things
And they said that the thought of you would fade, well I see nothing change.

And the dream that I have, breaks just like the day
I walk along the shore,
I take a picture of the waves
And then I throw it to the floor,
I say why did I wake?
Here in the world there is nothing more than your absence

007. THE XX - Islands

I'm yours now
So now I don't ever have to leave
I'm yours now
So now I'll never explore

008. PORTISHEAD - It Could Be Sweet

I don't want to hurt you
For no reason have I but fear
And I ain't guilty of the crimes you accuse me of
But I'm guilty of fear

I'm sorry to remind
You but I'm scared of what we're creating
This life ain't fair
You don't get something for nothing, turn now
Mmmm gotta try a little harder

009. THE CARDIGANS - Overload

Overload, oh what a match we are!
As we romance along
Towards the firescape
Open fire
Forever in your arms
Splendid time we have
Doing what I dread
Oh my lord
Can I buy some time
I'm learning to dance
I'm dancing, ok?

Yeah, I can dance
To love is to dance
Now dance me home

010. LAND OF TALK - Some Are Lakes

We've seen how sick wind blows
But I've got your bovine eyes
I'll love you like I love you
Then I'll die


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